Norm and Dig’s Epic Adventure.

Norman Knocker and Digby Dingle are going on an adventure and it’s going to be Epic.

Follow the exploits of two friends who take a year out to prove that the world is round. Yes that’s right it is a fantasy.

On their way they must face: Itinerant Islands. Fearsome Flying Fish. Preposterous Pirates. Stormy Seas. Overzealous Officials. Punitive Puns and Ample Alliteration.

But don’t worry they have the support of their girlfriends,

Prudence and Sally and are aided by the Captain & Crew of the good ship Lexi, a team of Great Green Gorillas and a bunch of Barmy Bankers. All they have to do is circumnavigate the globe, avoid ending up in the Land of Dark Foreboding and of course not fall off the waterfall at the end of the world.

ISBN 97&-1-9997204-7-6

Paperback Upgrade.

Good news! we have decided to upgrade our paperback to include a full colour interior.

42 brilliant illustrations by Adrian Waygood, really bring it to life.

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